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*Participating at the Textile Art Exhibition in Valmiera Museum, until 14.02.2022.

*The new decorative textile image image

*The new textile exhibition in my studio (10.03.2021-30.06.2021) image

*The book "Snow" by the Japanese poetess Konno Mari has been published in 4 languages: Japanese, Latvian, English and Russian. My textiles "Connection" and "Balance" are used for the cover design. image

* Participating at the Textile Art Exhibition, Castl of Livonian Orden, Ventspils (06.12.18.- 27.01.19)

* Solo exhibition. Jaunmokas Palace, Tukums Region (24.03.18-27.05.18)

* Participating at the Textile Art Exhibition, Daugavpils Museum (08.09.17-28.02.18)

* Solo exhibition. The castle of the Livonian Order, Ventspils (07.12.17-15.01.2018)

* The home- based workshop and gallery "Austrumi" with new textiles are open to the public. To arrange a visit please call +371 26470849

* Small-size items can bee seen and bought at the art gallery "Apsida" at 10/20 Skarnu Street, Konventa Seta in Riga.

* Classes in weaving for pupils and adults is carried on constantly. Apply by phone or e-mail